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Taser Gun in Pakistan?

The taser gun was developed in Pakistan for security reasons. Immobilizers have been repaired since the day of delivery. The taser gun is now safer and more effective. A taser gun produces at least 200,000 volts, depending on the size of the immobilizer to generate more power. This voltage is sufficient to paralyze the guilty party for 10 to 15 minutes. The taser gun must make contact with the guilty party’s body in order for it to work.

How to use a taser gun?

Taser gun in Pakistan works like an elegant device to injure the assailant for a short period of time. That’s why they say Austin guns are now safer than ever. A high taser gun voltage is also not as harmful as charging or MPS would be less dangerous. Variety’s taser gun in Islamabad aims to stun the assailant for a limited time to avoid danger. You will decide that it only attacks friendly equipment to disable the opponent.

After buying a weapon system, you also have to consider some things that it is not a bullet that can make a really dangerous attack. Simply put, it won’t kill anyone, but will briefly disable them.

How to work

Taser gun in Pakistan is an electric shock gun used for self defense. A taser gun works differently. There is a titanic store of goods opened up with a specific goal of belief, about self-realization. Taser guns are monstrous as non-destructive things to get yourself. It consists of two chargeable terminals with conductive copper wires. It further connects to the electrical circuit. Inexplicably when the trigger is pulled, it opens the compressed gas cartridge, this gas is released when; Apply tension and definitely send the cathodes if all else fails. It is a non-threatening weapon with a strong self-assurance of feeling. Moreover, it has a battery that is located near it like a magazine. You can ask him to pass outside with you and follow the attackers when he feels threatened.


  1. Fair price
  2. Terrible shock.
  3. Internal rechargeable battery
  4. Tactical flashlight
  5. Shock strength through thick wear
  6. 0 Built-in LED flashlight
  7. Rechargeable batteries
  8. Lightweight and compact size
  9. Non-slip rubber coating
  10. Internal rechargeable batteries

Safety Precautions for Stun Guns:

Fortunately, most Sutton weapons and Tasers have a safety mechanism. And that’s a big factor: without safety precautions, you run the risk of accidentally shooting yourself.

Stun Gun Size:

Stunt guns in Pakistan come in all shapes and sizes: some are lipstick-shaped and will be healthy in your wallet. Others, like Tasers, have to be holstered. Consider which size and structure will work best with your lifestyle. If you work at night and come home late, a flashlight-style stun gun may be better. If you’re a delivery man or woman looking for introductory security experience, a Taser-style weapon is probably best.




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